Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find some of the questions we are asked most frequently here at Party Buses Toledo. We've done our best to compile the most common questions and answer them as straightforward as possible. If you have additional questions or if you'd simply like more details on any of the questions below, feel free to give us a call or send us an email! We're here 24/7!

Q:  Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we do require a minimum deposit of $200 to book one of our vehicles. Upon completion of your reservation, we will inspect the vehicle, and as long as we find no damage we will release the $200 back to you within 3 business days..

Q:  How much should I tip the driver?

All of our vehicle prices include a minimum gratuity built in, so no further tip is necessary. That said, if you feel your driver did an outstanding job that warrants an additional gratuity, please do not hesitate. This is entirely at your discretion and is not required or expected.

Q:  Do you allow drinking on your vehicles?

Yes, drinking is allowed on all of our vehicles, provided the passengers are all of legal drinking age. We also require that no open containers leave the vehicle for any reason. Please also note that you must bring your own beverages on board. We are not permitted to provide alcohol for you.

Q:  Do you allow smoking on your vehicles?

No, smoking is not allowed on any of our vehicles. If you or someone in your party would like the vehicle to stop for a smoke break, simply notify your driver. There is no limit to the amount of stops that are made during the course of your reservation.

Q:  What is the latest time I can rent a vehicle until?

There is no limit here! Party Buses Toledo operates 24/7 all year long so you can plan your celebration whenever is convenient for you! If you want rent a bus until 10pm, midnight, 2am, or even 4am, we're here to provide the best service!

Q: Is there a minimum rental time?

Yes. We do require a minimum rental of 6 hours for rentals. However, we do offer wedding packages of 3.5 hours ending no later than 7pm. For more details on these packages and on overtime charges, please give us a call!